Govt  Polytechnic Talwar is having a well established library. This library consists of a collection of more than 2000 books which covers books on Automobile engineering, Civil engineering. The Govt. Polytechnic Talwar library has subscribed journals, magazines and newspapers in hindi and english for the use of students as well as faculty members of Govt. Polytechnic Talwar. The library is facilitated by large airy reading hall.




  • The readers / students shall maintain perfect order and silence in the library.


  • Membership / Identity cards are to be kept with the readers / students every time whenever he / she want to visit in the library.


  • Personal belonging are not allowed to be taken inside the Library. Such belongings should be deposited at the Property counter for the purpose. It should be clearly understood that the belongings left at the Property Counter are at the personal risk of readers. They should be collected back on the same day. The Library does not accept any responsibility for loss etc.




  • Readers / Students are required to handle the library reading material and property very carefully and not to (i) write in or mark (ii) tear-away pages or mutilate (iii) disfigure or otherwise cause damage in any way.


  • In case damage is caused to any library reading material or property, the person concerned shall be liable to pay the replacement cost. In addition, his membership may be cancelled with immediate effect.


  • Members are expected to maintain strict silence and conduct themselves with dignity conducive to congenial atmosphere for study and reference.


  • Anyone found guilty of misbehavior will render his / her membership liable to be cancelled for whole semester.


  • No library reading material can be taken out without getting it properly issued. Anyone found violating this rule will be considered liable to cancel his / her entitlement to issue of books from the library for whole of the session.




  • Every student is eligible for borrowing facilities / books will be issued two books for fourteen days.


  • Books belonging to Reference category and Periodicals / magazines are not ordinarily issued except with special permission.




The Book bank facility is extended to all SC/ST students and economically backward students at the maximum two books will be issued to students subject to availability of books. The books issued from this section are non transferable. The book Bank facility of defaulters will be withdrawn. Books from this section are issued for whole semester and liable to be returned within 3 days of last paper of semester end exam, the fine will be imposed on late return of books as per library rules.